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Digitech Main Squeeze

Compressor / Sustain Pedal
Manufacturer: Digitech
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From the manufacturer...

When it comes to quality with compression the name dbx comes to mind. As a sister company to DigiTech, we were able to incorporate studio quality dbx OverEasy compression technology that provides near-transparent compression, and delivers long, real-sounding sustain for your guitar. No more having to worry about choppy compression release and sustain problems found on other pedals. And with the added EQ control, you can perfectly tune your compressed sound so you won't have the thin and lifeless compression that people have come to expect from other pedals. As always, DigiTech provides you with a rugged durable metal chassis and dual amp and speaker compensated mixer outputs.



  •       dbx® compression technology
  •       EQ optimization control
  •       Normal & CIT™ Cabinet Modeling outputs


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