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Portable Suitcase Style PA System with Wireless Microphone, Stands, and Backup Wired Mic
Manufacturer: JBL
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The JBL EON 206P has changed the world of PA systems forever. Historically, audio equipment used for PA (public announcement) has always been complicated, expensive and difficult to work with, not to mention heavy! Thankfully, the brilliant minds at JBL sought out to solve those and many other problems with traditional PA systems when they designed the EON 206P. Uncompromised sound quality with multiple inputs, and each channel having its own individual EQ and sound controls, makes the 206P the easiest PA system in the world to set up and operate. Your next PA event will be up and running in minutes instead of hours.

The EON name has always been synonymous with the finest equipment JBL has to offer, and the EON 206P is no exception. JBL’s heritage loudspeakers deliver true performance and legendary quality. The suitcase design is pure genius, allowing for a completely self-contained, portable system. Everything you need for legendary JBL sound is located under one suitcase handle, including an inner container for power and audio cable storage. And we even throw in a 1/8” stereo cable so you can plug in your phone, iPod or music player and launch your favorite playlist or radio station. That’s right. You don’t even need to hire a DJ to hear your favorite hits played back to back.

The most defining characteristic of the EON 206P is its versatility. This system is absolutely perfect for indoor speaking events with 100 or more audience members. In fact, the first time we tested it during a 100+ audience attended speakers panel dinner, we had to turn it down and run the audio at around 50%, so it’s got plenty of juice and then some! It’s also a perfect package for small performances by musicians playing on outdoor decks and restaurant patios. Need an affordable, no hassle PA setup for a best man speech? This is it. How about a little more volume for that upcoming recital? The EON 206P has you covered.



  • Unbelievably easy to set up. You’re up and running in minutes
  • Great for speaking events, musicians and small performances
  • World’s simplest, self-contained PA system
  • Fantastic affordable quality
  • Legendary JBL EON Sound


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