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Neumann U87 Ai

Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone
Manufacturer: Neumann
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The Neumann U87 is an absolute legend and definitely considered one of the greatest power-house microphones that Neumann has ever produced. This microphone has been truly coveted by all for over 50 years now. Actress Shirley Eaton was once turned to gold in the James Bond thriller “Goldfinger”, a scene that led the audience to believe the villain had the power to turn anything he touched into gold. This is, of course, the kind of ridiculous fiction that can only live and breathe in one of Ian Fleming’s fantastic action novels. In real life, however, if you want to turn something into gold, you’ll need a Neumann U87. Whether your ears are aware of it or not, the U87 can be heard on more gold records than any other microphone in history.

Originally manufactured in 1967, the Neumann U87 is now one of the most sought-after studio microphones in existence. Many artists won’t enter a studio unless they have one ready for use. In 1987 Neumann upgraded the circuitry in the U87, naming this new model the U87 Ai. They left the original capsule intact, but the new circuitry gives you 10dB higher sensitivity for identical sound pressure levels and improves the signal-to-noise ratio by 3dB. While it’s certainly not the cheapest microphone available, the general level of respect and admiration from its fans and owners has transformed the U87 into a modern legend. More copy-cat models of the U87 have been produced in the last 20 years than can be counted in one sitting. Some of the various look-a-likes have a similar build quality and sound, but none can seem to truly capture the mesmerizing tonal quality of the real McCoy.


  •       The most popular studio microphone in the world
  •       Large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone
  •       Pressure-gradient transducer with double-membrane capsule
  •       The studio microphone classic
  •       Three directional characteristics: omni, cardioid, figure-8
  •       Switchable low-frequency roll-off
  •       Switchable 10dB pre-attenuation
  •       Ideal as main and support microphone in practically all recording situations
  •       Requires +48-volt phantom power


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